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LynTec offers the easiest setup and operation in self-contained power control panels. Period.

Today, video walls are everywhere — nightclubs, concert halls, stadiums, houses of worship, and many other venues. As they continue their strong growth, integrators and operators alike need to plan ahead for simple, intuitive power control of video walls. LynTec's feature-rich panels are the answer; encapsulating everything needed to ensure an installed video wall stays on and lives long:

  • Built-in customizable sequencing for inrush control
  • Automated on/off control to reduce electrical costs and protect electronics when not in use
  • The largest selection of panel options for cost control
  • Retrofit relay panels or controllable circuit breaker panels based on build type
  • Built-in Web server for easy browser-based setup and control via smartphones, tablets or computers
  • Built-in astronomical scheduling timer
  • Built-in contact closure inputs for sensor or wall control
  • Compatible with any control system that communicates in IP, DMX-512, sACN, RS-232, BACnet (IP or MS/TP) or has a browser-based interface

Since 1989, we’ve had the people and products that make power control easy!

LynTec is power control simplified!

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