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Five PR Tips to Get Ready for a Tradeshow

Posted April 2016 by Peter Schuyler

Without support, coordinating trade shows can be daunting. Here are five things that you can do in the weeks before the show doors open to ensure your experience is a success:

  • 1. Get the Press List — Every year more than journalists, analysts, and industry influencers sign up to attend trade shows and exhibitors have access to that treasured list of registered press. Get your hands on it the second it comes out and then…
  • 2. Get the Word Out — Any messaging you can get out to the press prior to the show opening is worth its weight in leads. Information about new products, seminars, or trainings you’ll be presenting should be in the press’ inbox before they pack their bags for the show.
  • 3. Meet the Press — Since you’ll be in the booth the majority of the show, target key members of the media and invite them to your booth for a brief meeting. Editors are walking the show floor every day hunting for stories. Anything you can do to make that job easier will be appreciated, such as…
  • 5. Be Friendly — It may seem like a no brainer, but kindness goes a long way in framing how potential customers view your company. How you greet and treat your booth visitors will pay dividends for months and possibly years afterwards. And besides, it’s nice to be nice.


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