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Pushing the Boat Out — Five Tips for Launching a Product at InfoComm 2017

Posted April 2017 by Peter Schuyler

It's April, and InfoComm looms large on the horizon. It's prom for the pro/AV community, and everyone is getting ready to debut new products. Every company has put blood, sweat, and tears into every new solution, weathering delays, rebrands, and a million other details until the final product is ready to go. Now it's time for the new product's grand entrance. What's the best way to make that big splash at the show?

Every trade pub is going to have two to three InfoComm issues — most likely, a preview, at-show, and/or a wrap-up edition — each with their own unique requirements, deadlines, and restrictions. Your goal should be to get your product as much ink (or pixels, depending on format) as possible in as many places as you can.

Here are five quick tips that will position your product to get the attention it deserves at the big show.

  1. Organize your files — Your product may be the most revolutionary solution in a decade, but it doesn't matter if you don't have high-res photos, spec sheets, and press material ready to send out. Make sure your product roadmap takes this into account.

  2. Plan for deadlines — Always, always, always plan ahead. Look at the editorial calendars for the current and past year to see when magazines tend to drop, with special attention paid to lead times. Some pubs expect material up to 120 days in advance.

  3. Advertise — Organic content is always the goal, but a solidly produced banner or print ad in a key publication is equally useful. If the goal is to get that product in front of as many eyeballs as possible, consider spending a little of your ad budget.

  4. Don't Dis the Daily — A sure-fire way to get booth traffic is the InfoComm Daily. It's free, it's huge, and it works. The InfoComm Daily is a valuable, collective editorial culmination of all of the products and services that everyone has been working toward all year, and everybody reads it. Don't believe us? Start noticing who's perusing the issue between sessions and walking around with an issue tucked under their arm. You'll probably lose count.

  5. Get Help — As if inventing a product wasn't hard enough, now you've got to spend hours a day contacting editors and submitting info. You can choose to shoulder that burden in-house, or hire a savvy agency like InGear that knows the ins and outs of tradeshow season. Let us help you push the boat out and grow your visibility in the market.


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