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Going Viral With a Plan

Posted March 30, 2017 by Peggy Blaze

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? Millions, if it goes viral. But is viral success determined by planning, or is it just a matter of luck? Luck certainly never hurts, but when posting a video there are some steps you can take to improve the chances of it going viral. more

Turning the Customer Experience Into an Effective Marketing Tool

Posted December 2016 by Peggy Blaze

Sure, Twitter campaigns are trendy, and viral videos can be fun. But according to, the number one trend driving marketing in 2017 will be an increased focus on the customer experience.

While it seems obvious that the customer should come first, that hasn’t always been the case. Now companies — or, more specifically, their marketing departments — are reevaluating the customer experience as a powerful new marketing tool. more

Turn Trade Show Leads Into Customers

Posted June 2016 by Peggy Blaze

You’ve returned from a trade show with a fist full of leads…but what’s next? How do you keep these potential clients interested and engaged in order to turn those leads into customers? Trade show follow up can be an all-consuming process that you most likely don't have the time or resources to do as effectively as you would like. That’s why one of the most successful ways to foster those leads is through a marketing automation platform. more

The Value of Interactive Content

Posted March 2016 by Peggy Blaze

In almost every industry, marcom professionals are starting to replace traditional, static written marketing content with interactive content tools to fully engage and communicate with their customers. Dynamic content such as online quizzes, polls, and videos are being used to grab viewers’ attention and challenge audiences with newsworthy and salient topics. So how can interactive marketing benefit your business? It can be used to keep users engaged and stimulate native branding. more

Let it Stream, Let it Stream, Let it Stream!

Posted December 2015 by Peggy Blaze

Growing exponentially in popularity, live videos are fast, engaging, and often free via easy-to-use applications such as Periscope, Vine, and Meerkat. Even Facebook has recently added this feature. more

Freshen Up Your Blog Posts

Posted August 2015 by Peggy Blaze

Blogging has long been a key element to any organization's successful social media strategy. The primary advantage of blogging is timeliness — when executed well, uploaded blog content is relevant, engaging and is one of the best tools to drive traffic to your site. more


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