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Think Big

Posted August 2016 by Rachel Dwyer

The theme of this year’s CEDIA is "Think Big," but how can you apply this concept to your own work life? For starters, “let go of self-imposed limitations,” says Michael Port, motivational speaker and best-selling author of “The Think Big Manifesto.” Here are four of his best strategies to get started in thinking big.

Get Comfortable with Discomfort — In other words, don’t be afraid to try something new, whether it’s a quirky giveaway, new booth design element, or unorthodox marketing campaign. According to Port, “The best performers are the ones who take the biggest risks, and the performer who raises the stakes high enough is the one who is generally most compelling.”

Set the Right Kind of Goals — “Thinking big” does not mean that your goals should be over the top. “We sometimes set unrealistic goals for ourselves, and as a result, we’re miserable,” says Port. To avoid setting yourself up for disappointment, the key is to make very specific goals that are challenging yet attainable.

Find Supportive Colleagues — Surround yourself with the right team and be open to their feedback. “Often, when we’re asking people to support us, we’re just asking for approval. But if we’re looking for results, we have to be comfortable with the feedback of people asking us to think bigger,” says Port.

Become the Person Others Want to Help — When “thinking big,” you also must realize that not all projects and goals can be accomplished on your own. It’s important to involve and inspire others to help you by leading with a positive attitude and reliability. According to Port, “You make commitments and fulfill them, you learn in action, and you deal with your own voices of judgment without being critical of others.”


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