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Let it Stream, Let it Stream, Let it Stream!

Posted December 2015 by Peggy Blaze

Growing exponentially in popularity, live videos are fast, engaging, and often free via easy-to-use applications such as Periscope, Vine, and Meerkat. Even Facebook has recently added this feature.

So how can live video work for you? Let’s say your sales rep is conducting a demo of your latest and greatest product at a tradeshow. By streaming the demo to potential customers who are unable to attend in person, you can increase its impact. Remote viewers can even participate in real time via the Periscope app, posting comments and questions that appear onscreen for the sales rep to answer.

Video streaming should be considered an indispensable element to any successful 2016 marketing plan. After all, it’s the companies that take advantage of these applications that are able to create and disseminate marketing messages quickly, thus capturing new business faster and more efficiently than their competitors.


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