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Turning the Customer Experience Into an Effective Marketing Tool

Posted December 2016 by Peggy Blaze

Sure, Twitter campaigns are trendy, and viral videos can be fun. But according to, the number one trend driving marketing in 2017 will be an increased focus on the customer experience.

While it seems obvious that the customer should come first, that hasn’t always been the case. Now companies — or, more specifically, their marketing departments — are reevaluating the customer experience as a powerful new marketing tool.

With each positive customer experience, a company has yet another opportunity to build customer loyalty, while branding its products, and reinforcing its marketing messaging. Customers who feel a connection to a company are more likely to become return customers. There are a plenty of competitors out there vying for their business, so implementing and ensuring a positive customer experience every time will help to retain a loyal customer base.

So where to start? First, recommends encouraging all employees across the board to make customer service their individual mission. Dub each one a “brand ambassador.” This creates a feeling of accountability that can organically lead to improved job satisfaction and productivity. Next, let the customer lead the experience. After all, it’s that customer who is using your product in a real-life situation; therefore, it is imperative to receive their feedback. By building a customer-centric organization, companies learn directly from the audience they serve. With that feedback and knowledge they can then confidently develop just the right marketing programs to address their customers’ needs and improve the customer experience.


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