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The Value of Interactive Content

Posted March 2016 by Peggy Blaze

In almost every industry, marcom professionals are starting to replace traditional, static written marketing content with interactive content tools to fully engage and communicate with their customers. Dynamic content such as online quizzes, polls, and videos are being used to grab viewers’ attention and challenge audiences with newsworthy and salient topics. So how can interactive marketing benefit your business? It can be used to keep users engaged and stimulate native branding.

For example, an interactive content platform called Apester allows anyone to easily and freely create, embed, and share interactive and related content items such as polls and quizzes — called a “VoicR” — in their marketing collateral in just a matter of seconds. Companies can then compile the results of the VoicRs and shape their products and messaging based on the responses and metrics delivered. This interactive content creation seems to be working. According to Apester's website, the Poll VoicR boasts an average click-through rate of 20 percent and improved shareability by 40 percent.

And the best part is that because many of these interactive content tools are free, even companies with limited marketing budgets now have the ability to reach targeted and highly engaged users, increase brand awareness, and hone their marketing message in a fun and interactive way — with the possibility of their branded content going viral.


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