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'Tis the Season to Work Smarter

Posted November 2015 by Rachel Dwyer

The start of the holiday season is officially here, and this time of year often signals a slowdown in work production and a drop-off in marketing communications, but it shouldn't. The media machine is still hungry for content, and it's actually a great time to stay connected. Here are a few tips to take advantage of the season.

Make a list and check it twice — Why not use the quieter days of the holiday season to prepare for 2016? Take some time to consider your marketing goals, and work with your PR team to build an effective marketing strategy. Come January, all you'll have to worry about are your resolutions.

Wrap up press releases in advance — Remember, the holidays mean a lot of time off for employees. Limited staff means a longer turnaround process, so allow yourself plenty of extra time to write, review, and release company news.

Be a social Santa, not a secret one — Take advantage of social media to distribute your content during this time. Many people are traveling but will still be active on social media via mobile devices.


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