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How to Start Using Facebook Live

Posted October 2016 by Veronica Esbona

We get a lot of questions about the impact of social media in the AV world and what the best tools are for success. Everyone understands that during an event or trade show, social media activites should be revved up, and Facebook Live is a great way to showcase video of press conferences, new product demonstrations, and other highlights. However, it can be hard to know where to start with this powerful social media tool and how to keep that momentum going after the event is over. So we’ve put together a free guide with info you can use right away.

Click here to download our new Step-by-Step Facebook Live Guide. Find out how easy it is to live stream to your fans from your mobile device.

There is no need to be nervous when using Facebook Live, you can do a practice run before you go live. Here’s how… When you’re broadcasting from your Facebook company page, your privacy setting will be public. To do a practice run, go to your personal Facebook account, hit “Live,” switch the privacy setting to “Only Me,” and hit “Go Live.” This way you can check out how it all works.

Quick Tips for Using Facebook Live

  • People’s Facebook news feeds show your video description
  • When you use Facebook Live, be sure to craft a compelling video description before you go live
  • The description shows up on peoples' news feeds “like a status update” about the live video
  • You want to grab attention to ensure people tune in and watch your live broadcast
  • Before you hit “Go Live,” make sure you’re using the right camera and that your background looks good
  • You can do a selfie-style video or use the back-facing camera
  • The video will be square so it doesn’t’ matter if you shoot it vertically or horizontally
  • Plan for at least 10 minutes of broadcast
  • The longer your broadcast, the more likely people will find it and invite others to join
  • You can broadcast for up to 90 minutes

It’s good to keep the right balance between a super-short video and a long one. Keep in mind that if your video is too short, you may not give enough time for people to chime in. So remember, broadcast for at least 10 minutes.

Interacting with your viewers on Facebook Live is key. People that catch your broadcast can add comments and ask questions as you live stream, so it is important to engage them by talking directly to them and asking them to participate.

You can engage with your viewers by calling them out by name and sharing their comments in real-time.

And, you can view the number of people tuning in to your live stream and see their names (if they’re your friends), all comments, likes, and emojis.

Download the Step-by-Step Facebook Live Guide here — It’s Free!

Find out how easy it is to live stream to your fans from your mobile device.

  • Learn how to do a practice run
  • Get experts tips for looking pro
  • Get tips on how to engage your audience
  • Find out how to take advantage of Facebook Live at your next trade show


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