InGear - LynTec Case Study

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Lyntec and InGear: Taking the Power Panel From the Utility Closet to Center Stage

In 2013, A/V/L power management stalwart LynTec was everywhere — in schools, casinos, houses of worship, stadiums, even the Freedom Tower. The only place the company's presence wasn't keenly felt was in the press. Primarily a manufacturer of relay panels and power distribution solutions, LynTec had an innovative new product line to launch and required the expertise of a seasoned content marketing team to ensure that its solutions created maximum market impact.

In the fall of 2013, LynTec hired InGear to manage the release of the company's RPC line of intelligent relay panels. Power management and distribution is not something most people consider when looking at an installation, but without it nothing else will work. Focusing on that core necessity, InGear crafted a campaign focused on the unique features of the RPC line, with press releases, podcasts, contributed articles, videos, and instructional features.

It didn't take long for the recognition to start rolling in. At LDI 2013, LynTec's industry-first RPCM received a Best New Product Award, followed quickly by two awards for the RPCR retrofit relay panel: a 2013 Most Innovative Product award from Sound & Video Contractor, and most recently a Commercial Integrator BEST award at InfoComm 2014. The unique and innovative products LynTec manufactures — coupled with their unmatched expertise — position the company as a thought leader and a force in the market, bringing them out of the back room and into the spotlight.