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Jeremy Glowacki Testimonial

Industry Respected, Editor Referred

Our Approach – Why InGear

When it comes to winning customers, positive words from third parties – such as trade media and happy customers – are the ultimate sales tool. Cultivating that third-party verification is what InGear is all about. We put our industry knowledge, years of experience, and strong relationships with editors to work to tell your story, build your credibility, and demonstrate to the world why it should care about your brand. This proactive approach has worked time and again. InGear helps some clients come out of obscurity to dominate their markets . . . and others that are already well known to hone and crystallize their messages or convey new ones to reach new segments of customers. Our team approach and the processes we’ve developed are unique in the pro A/V, CE, and home theater industries, setting us apart from competitors and making us easy to work with from the client’s point of view.
There's no greater testimony to the power of our approach than our own success as an agency. Most of our clients come to us by referrals, including referrals from the editors and publishers whose attention we’re working to get on our clients' behalf. That editors are willing to recommend us is a testament to the strength of our relationship with the trade media. Editors know we produce quality work, they know we take good care of our customers, and they know we’re dedicated to making their jobs easier.


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